We advise reading through the information below, before you start your application, whether you choose to submit your application online or through the mail, so that you'll be fully prepared.

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Gather this information...

If you're submitting your application online, there will be space to enter each item below in the online application (transcripts must be mailed separately). Whether you choose to mail your application or submit it online, we must receive all below items by the deadline in order for your application to be considered.

Contact Information - Basic contact info such as name, phone number, etc. 

Account Information - Primary account information for the applicant and/or the applicant's parent (for verification of Beacon account purposes).

High School Transcripts - A copy of the applicant's most recent high school transcripts (be sure to consider the scholarship deadline and mail delivery time when requesting this information from your counselors). 

Lists requested in Application process - School Activities, Athletics and Club Memberships; Honors, Awards, Scholarships and Grants Received; Community Service and Volunteer Positions.

Universities and Colleges - List of universities, colleges or technical/ vocational schools applicant is applying to.

References - List of 3 references with contact information.

Essay: - In 400 words or less “Why did you choose your major and how will it impact society?”

Read through the Application Guidelines and Regulations.

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