Re-Registering for Online/Mobile Banking

Why am I having to re-register/re-enroll for Online and Mobile Banking?
Beacon has upgraded the Online and Mobile banking system to include additional features, added security and tools for the convenience of Beacon's membership. Re-registration is required is because this is a new platform.

Will I be able to use the same Username and Password as before?
You will be able to use the same Username and Password as before, IF that username is still available. 

You will not be able to log in with your Username and Password that you used before until you re-register/re-enroll that information. If you attempt to re-register/re-enroll with your Username from before and the system does not allow you to, you will be required to choose a new Username.

What is needed when I re-register/re-enroll for the new Online and Mobile banking platform?
Social Security Number, Member Account Number and Date of Birth

Where can I find my member account number?
You can find your member account number on your Beacon statement, on the bottom of your Beacon checks (see image below for an example), on Beacon loan documentation or by visiting a Beacon branch with your photo ID.

Image of Check with Beacon Routing Number

What verification process is in place for the Online/Mobile Banking platforms?
Whenever you log into a new device (mobile or pc), for security purposes, you will be required to verify your identity with a PIN number sent through mobile or email. The mobile or email that will be used is the mobile or email that you provided to Beacon when you opened your account or updated your information. If Beacon does not have your mobile or email to verify the PIN, you can call or text Beacon at 434.237.1566 or visit a  Beacon Branch Location.

Image of Screenshot of Security Verification

During the validation process, what if my email address is missing or incorrect?
You will need to contact the Beacon Service Center by calling or texting the number 434.237.1566 or by visiting a Beacon Branch Location.

When I try to log in, why do I see a different security picture and/or security phrase?
If you have not re-registered/re-enrolled, as of 6/15/21, then your security image will not be correct. You must re-register/re-enroll first.

If you have re-registered/re-enrolled, after the above date, double-check the spelling of your username.

Image of screenshot of Online Banking Login

What browsers are supported by the new Online Banking platform?
The new Online Banking platform supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not a supported browser.

What if my screen keeps refreshing, not reloading to the next screen or says I'm locked out?
You may have to clear your cache if the website is not functioning properly.
Click here for a few ways to clear your cache on your PC. 
Click here for ways to clear your cache on a MAC.


Click here to re-register/re-enroll for Online/Mobile Banking

If you have additional questions, you can reach Beacon by calling or texting 434.237.1566 or visiting a Beacon Branch Location.

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