Rewards Air Visa Credit Card 2016 smallerBeacon Rewards Visa Credit Card

The low rate card that gives you 1% Cash Back with every purchase!

For every transaction you make, you earn 1% Cash Back! Not only do you get a great {Platinum VISA Card Rate} APR and no annual fees with your Platinum VISA Card, but now we've added Cash Back to the list of fantastic perks!

Just a few things you'll need to know about your New Beacon Rewards VISA Credit Card:

Qualifying Transactions

  • Merchandise transactions minus return transactions.

Forfeit of rebate

  • When an account becomes 60 days past due.

Account excluded from "Rewards Cash" rebate

  • Accounts with Bankruptcies, Closed Accounts, Interest Prohibited Accounts, Lost Cards, Stolen and/or Accounts with Fraudulent Activity and Charged-Off Accounts.

Redemption Calculation

  • Rounded to the nearest hundredth.
    Ex. $23.98 rounded to $23.99

Rebate Amount

  • 1% of qualifying transactions

Rebate distribution

  • Automatic credit on cardholder share account, rebate is distributed quarterly. Distribution dates are January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and Oct 1st


  • Automatic enrollment into the program when the account is opened.

Maximum rebate

  • $1,500 annually.

Online Banking

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