A Loan for Everything

A Loan for Everything

Beacon offers a variety of financing options for life's everyday needs. From Personal Loans to Student Loans, we offer solutions that are affordable and flexible.

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Personal Loans

A Loan for What you Want... When you Want it.

Furniture, Vehicle Repairs, Tax Payment, New Bicycle, Books for School... and the list goes on...

With a Beacon Personal Loan, you can afford to purchase the items that you need and pay for them later with affordable rates and quick, convenient financing.

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Share Secured Loans

Money Secured by your Savings Account

  • Keep your savings in place
  • Secured by your savings
  • Just 3% above your current savings rate

Beacon's Share Secured Loan is a great way to finance your next project with the lowest rate possible and keep your savings in place.

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Student Loans

Student Loans have never been so affordable.

Beacon has partnered with Sallie Mae to offer the most convenient and smart student loan options to our members who are heading to college this fall. With flexible payment plans, competitive interest rates and excellent rewards programs, paying back student loans will be easier than ever.

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