Ready to “head out on the highway”? Are you “looking for adventure”? “Or whatever comes your way”? Please tell me you're singing the Steppenwolf song in your head now.

You’re “Born to be wild”… but on a budget, with these amazing road trip tips for saving money.

1. Pack your food and snacks. Don’t forget Laffy Taffy candy… the jokes on the wrapper are excellent for road conversation hilarity.

2. Prepare your meals. If you can book a place with a kitchen, you can save money by prepping your meals. Restaurant costs can add up quickly… especially if you’re traveling with a large family.

3. Look for free things to do… hiking, biking, picnics, parks, scenic drives… there are so many free things to do.

4. Drive like your high school driving instructor is on vacation with you. Your gas mileage will thank you.

5. Set your cruise control to maintain speed.

6. Don’t break or take off abruptly.

7. Set a budget and stick to it. The important part is that you “stick to it.” It’s easy to be tempted into buying those state spoons that are in the gift shop, but is it in your budget?

8. Take your vehicle to a mechanic before you go. Your local shop is probably cheaper than one in the middle of nowhere.

9. Check your tires before you go and make sure you have a spare. Flats on the road are no fun.

10. Scout for cheap gas, using apps or websites. One example is

11. Avoid tolls. You can find a setting in most phones and GPS devices that will avoid routes with tolls.

12. Thoroughly research where you plan to stay. Check the fees on Airbnb, look for hotel combo deals and use discount websites like Groupon to find great deals.

13. Look for coupon books at rest stops and visitor centers.

14. If your pups travel well, take them with you instead of boarding them or hiring a house sitter. They’re “looking for adventure” too and even a hotel with a pet fee can be cheaper than a week of boarding.

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