Scam to be on alert for…

It’s alarming when you see these words. “Payment Failed! Your Netflix subscription will end if you don’t update your payment information now!”

Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or your Mortgage company, the message is the same and just as scary. This type of scam is called “spoofing,” where the scammer impersonates a legitimate company and attempts to claim information from a customer.

Warning signs to look for…

  • Unusual “from” email addresses.
  • Unusual “reply” email addresses.
  • Urgent language asking you to act quickly.
  • Attachments or links within the email... NEVER CLICK OR OPEN THESE!

Ways to avoid this scam…

Never click a link in an email. Always go directly to the website for the service and log in to see if you have a notification from that service. Even if you know the warning is legitimate, it’s safer to go directly to the service or company’s website rather than clicking a link or opening an attachment.

If it’s a company that you make payments to such as a Mortgage loan or Auto loan provider, call the company directly to confirm if a payment update is needed. Talking directly to a representative of an organization you do business with will help clear up any confusion before you take any actions.

Each week, Beacon will share a #BeatFraudFriday tip! We’ll share an example of how scammers attempt to snag your information and offer ways to avoid becoming a victim. Stay tuned to all of our social media pages to learn how to protect yourself.

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