Need Extra Money? YOU CHOOSE your offer!

1 percent cash back auto loan block lynchburg virginia OR 90 days no auto payment block lynchburg virginia


Refinance your current non-Beacon AUTO LOAN and you'll be able to pick the offer that's perfect for your budget. Whether you want to repurpose your auto payment for the next 3 months* or you just need a little extra cash in your pocket, Beacon has an auto loan customized for you.

What helpful things could you do with a little extra spending money?

Buy new exercise equipment for your home.
Pay ahead on bills.
Purchase a new entertainment center.
Upgrade your cooking gear with a new air fryer, blender or toaster oven.
Landscape your yard.
Start your emergency savings account.

However you want to use your extra cash is up to you, but these offers won't last long. Apply online or call us at 434.237.1566 for more details. 

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*90 Days No-Payment program adjusts the end date of the loan term to reflect the postponed payments and may affect changes to final interest paid. Offer limited to vehicle loans equal to or greater than $20,000. **Rebate, if applicable, is given back at the time of financing and is equal to 1% of the loan amount up to the nearest $5. Maximum rebate is $500 per loan. Rebate offers limited to vehicle loans equal to or greater than $20,000. If the vehicle loan is paid off within 24 months the rebate must be repaid. Current Beacon Credit Union loans are not eligible for rebate offer. Offers cannot be combined or used with other Beacon specials. All credit union programs may change or end at any time.

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