"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandella

This year's applicants to the 2018 Beacon Credit Union Scholarship represented some of the best high school seniors in the state. With multiple class valedictorians, student council officers, governors school attendees and student leaders from every region that Beacon serves, these students represented the true spirit of this Scholarship Program.

Beacon Credit Union Scholarships are named after leaders in our community. Thomas Rodgers, Thomas Turpin Jr, Garland Huffman, Hugh Wills and BC Elliot Jr were instrumental in the growth of Beacon Credit Union. This years Scholarship recipients reflect the values and work ethics that have helped Beacon and Beacon's members grow and prosper.

Congratulations to Beacon's 2018 Scholarship Winners!

Logan Sheppard

"I have learned to become a more helpful and compassionate person.

This quote comes from the winner of the 2018 Thomas Rodgers scholarship. With a GPA of 4.42, Logan was a leader at his High School both in the classroom and on the athletic field. He is a volunteer at the Lynchburg General Hospital Emergency Department and a fundraiser for multiple charity organizations.

Sierra Lewis

"Helping others achieve their goals is extremely rewarding."

This quote is from the winner of the 2018 Thomas Turpin Scholarship. Sierra has worked with the NAACP Youth Works Committee, DECA, the Laurel Regional Program and Camp Meadowlark for youths with disabilities. She has made many investments in her community and her school throughout her high school career.

Emmel Summy

"Helping those who truly need help and can't get that help on their own is so important to me."

This quote is from the winner of the 2018 Garland Huffman Scholarship. Emmel's accomplishments include National Honor Society, multiple distinguished merit awards, Varsity Swim Team for 4 years, Student Council Class Officer for 3 years and many more.

Brennan Powell

"I had 2 close family members pass away from cancer and helping others with cancer helps me feel close to them."

This quote is from the winner of the 2018 Hugh Wills Scholarship. Brennan is best described by a recommendation that came from one of his teachers... "Brennan thrives on competition but is mature enough to realize that he has to treat his teachers, fellow students and competitors on the court with respect and kindness." he plans to study engineering and travel to communities to help the under privileged.

Nick Willis

"As long as I keep an attitude of service, I believe I can be one of many who are already making lasting and meaningful impacts on my community."

This quote is from the winner of the new in 2018 B.C. Elliott Jr Scholarship. Nick has a GPA of 4.42 and has held many leadership positions at his high school, including National Honor Society, President of the Drama Club, President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, President of Followers Club, a member of the Bedford County Sheriff's CyberSWAT team and many others.

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