Whether you're training for a marathon or setting a budget, goals can difficult to keep with all of lifes distractions. Here's a few ways you can keep track with your goals...

1. Set small goals to lead up to your big goal.

If you're trying to lose 20 pounds of weight, break it down into weekly increments. This will help you not only keep track of your progress, but you'll get a little boost of encouragement everytime you reach one of your smaller goals.

2. Don't give up if you slip up.

If you miss one of your smaller goals or are a little behind on the total outcome, don't let that be an excuse to quit. The smaller goals help to offer a buffer just in case you just don't feel like running the trail that day or you're absolutely craving that slice of cheesecake. Just try not to miss too many or you'll get behind.

3. Find what motivates you and use it.

If you're inspired by motivational quotes, place them in areas that will remind you of your goals. If a pic of your favorite celebrity at the gym reminds you that you need to go, tape it to your refrigerator. There's all sort of things that you can use to keep you on track... motivational podcasts, books... movies where people work and acheive the impossible. Find the thing that works for you and use it.

4. Reward yourself.

If you acheive your weekly goals, give yourself a little reward... the positve reinforcement will help you stay in task.

5. Avoid distractions.

Figure out what your distractions are and avoid them. If you're trying to write a book or finish a project at home and the television is eating away all your time, don't cut it on. If you have to, hide the remote. Find a way to take that distraction and eliminate it, so you can focus on your goal.


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