Most people use their credit card for buying stuff. Seems logical right. Well, here's a few untraditional life hacks and silly ways you can use that tiny piece of plastic...

1. Build a house of credit cards.

2. Scrape ice from your windshield (of course that'll have to wait for winter).

3. Unlock a door by sliding the card between the crack and using it to slide the lock out of place.

4. Clean your keyboard. The edge of your card fits perfect between the keys to dig out stubborn paper or crumbs.

5. Remove air bubbles when installing a new screenprotector on your phone.

6. As a ruler to draw a short straight line or rectangle with rounded corners.

7. Free fidget spinner... just twirl the card between your fingers and you're busy for hours.

8. Can be a handy bookmark.

9. Excellent guitar pick.

10. You can even use it to remove a splinter.

There are so many crazy life hacks and fun things you can do with your credit cards, but if you are looking for a great card to use for the more conventional purposes, check out our limited time 0% introductory rate here!

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