You may want to get away for Memorial day weekend, but don't want to spend a lot of money doing so. Here's a few road trip ideas that won't break the bank, but will get you away from your everyday routine.

Theme your Road Trip

You could hunt down all the LOVE signs in Virginia... seek out covered bridges within driving distance... explore all the local road side attractions. Tagging a theme onto your road trip can make it exciting and fun. You could even create a road trip playlist to go with your theme and create road trip games to keep your family busy while you're heading to your destinations.

Hiking or Biking

Along with the mountains and streams, there are a plethora of trails to choose from if you to feed your inner adventurer. Whether you like to trek in on foot or cycle your way through the paths and woods, this area offers numerous locations to escape to and the most you usually have to pay for is occasionally parking.


Want to add a little extra excitement to your hike? Geo-caching is like a treasure hunt with your cell phone. You simply download an app or visit a Geo-cache website and use coordinates to find Geo-cache locations all over the world. People leave all kinds of mementos and objects in Geo-cache boxes and fill out logs as to when they visited and how far away they traveled. Just be sure to carry something with you to leave in the box as your token that you found the box too.

History Galore!

Virginia and North Carolina are chock full of historical sites. From the battlefields at Appomattox to the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, there's so much history in our area, that it would take way more than just one road trip to conquer them all. Some cost a little more than others, but there are a number of them that offer free admission, with the request on a small donation to keep these sites active.

Picnic on the Mountains

In Virginia and North Carolina, the mountains are only a few miles away in any direction. Whether you prefer the Blue Ridge or the Shenandoah Valley, you can find picnic tables, rolling streams and scenic views easily. Packing your food can be a lot cheaper than eating out, plus you get to enjoy the great outdoors. 



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