Scammers are getting trickier and tricker every day. A new phone scam that's been reported to the US Marshals Service in the Bedford County and Lynchburg area involves scammers impersonating one of their deputies to attempt to get your information.These scammers typically use the name Deputy Frank Alvarez and according to the Marshal Service tell the victim they have missed jury duty and are subject to fines and could be arrested. The caller then gives the victim a 540 area code phone number to call them back.

If you recieve a phone call of this nature, do not call the return number without using a telephone directory to double check it. Also, anyone with questions regarding the Marshals Service in Western District of Virginia can call 540-857-2230. 

As alway, you never want to give out your personal or account information to callers and be sure to notify your local law enforcement agency immediately when you have suspicious calls.

For more tips on keeping your information secure, click here.

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