1. Don't Procrastinate

Last minute applications are usually full of errors. Start preparing a few weeks in advance so you have plenty of time to write, edit and share with others before you send it in.

2. Print Multiple Apps & Practice

Scratch throughs and white out corrections look really bad on a Scholarship application. Be sure to write clearly and legibly and if you make a mistake, start a new app. If you're able, typing your application looks really nice.

3. Edit, Edit, Edit

Your application and everything submitted with your application should be read through multiple times before you submit it. Having a second person read through everything is always a good idea as well.

4. Make your Essay Stand Out

Your essay doesn't have to be the next contender for the Nobel prize in literature, but it does have to be clear, concise and thoroughly edited. Read your essay out loud... if you get stuck on a sentence when reading it out loud, it could probably use some revision. 

5. Special Paper

Using special paper for your app and the materials you attach to the application will add a touch of professionalism to your overall scholarship packet... something clean and nice, maybe with a subtle texture... not too thick and no pictures or fancy designs on the paper. 

6. Don't tell your whole life story

Don't tell the scholarship committee about that time that your Dad saved the neighbors cat from a tree. Stick to the information requested on the application that is relevant to your education, community and school experiences. All applicants will are reviewed solely upon the information that is requested.

7. Package and Mail

Don't wrinkle, crease or bend your materials. If you're scholarship app looks like it was balled up and throw at the wall (see # 2... print multiple apps), it will be difficult for the committee to read. Use a large envelope to mail your materials so that everything is flat and neat. Also, you may consider stapling or purchasing a cover for your packet, so that everything stays together.

These are just a few ideas when it comes to preparing your Scholarship Applications. We look forward to reading all the wonderful essays and wish everyone good luck! You can download a 2019 Scholarship Application below. The deadline is April 9th, 2019.

2019 Scholarship Application

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