Looking for some extra cash for a project you have been planning, but not sure where to get it? Why not use the Equity in your home? Right now we have a limited time Home Equity promotion that would be perfect for financing your next big endeavor.

Here's a few things we bet you didn't think of that you could use that money for...

Pay Down Debt

Credit Card bills, Student Loans, or an Auto Loan with a high rate... the possibilities are endless... consilidate them all or just pay off a few with the equity in your home.

Take a Vacation

Are the kids begging to go to Disney World? Use the equity in your home to make their dreams come true. Plan your visit to the magic kingdom, go to the beach or simply visit family that you don't get to see often with a Beacon Home Equity Loan.

Buy a New Car

Thinking about getting an auto loan to finance yor dream vehicle? You could get a better rate and term with our current Home Equity promo and have extra money to buy any add ons, like a new radio or new seats.

College Costs

Do you have a high school senior who's heading off to school next year? Get a Home Equity Loan and finance extra items such as books, a new computer, software for classes or even some of your kids living expenses for the school year.

Finance Small Business Improvements

Need new office equipment for your small business, but don't want a small business loan? You could use the equity in your home to buy new equipment, attend a conference you've been wanting to go to or buy a company vehicle.

Upgrade your Home Entertainment System

Do you love the home theater experience and are looking for the best, biggest and most dynamic television and sound system available? You could use the equity in your home to make movie nights with your family and friends really spectacular.

Car Repairs

Need a new transmission, new tires or an engine rebuild? Rather than buying a new car, use a Beacon Home Equity Loan to invest money in the car you already love.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sure everyone has a project, plan or idea they could use a little extra cash for. For more information on our No Closing Cost, 2.39% APR Home Equity Loan promo, click here!

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