It's family night and you're looking for something fun to do with your kids. Why not a board game? Here's a list of some board games that are not only fun, but also will help your children understand the value of money...


Suggested Age: 8 years and up
This classic game is an great pick that allows kids to manage their own stash of money and properties... Buying and selling properties, paying taxes and even cashing in on extra money for passing go.

The Game of Life

Suggested Age: 8 years and up
The Game of Life is fun and unpredictable. You could go to college or skip it... you could climb mount everest or even write the great american novel and like many things in real life, it's all determined by the spin of a wheel (or determined by events that are out of your control). This is the perfect game to teach kids how unexpected life events can be.


Suggested Age: 8 years and up
The board for this game is a 31 day calendar, making it perfect for teaching kids how money flows over the course of a month. They get to have a job, pay bills and interest and handle unexpected expenses. 

Allowance Game

Suggested Age: 5 to 11 years old
Looking for something for younger kids? The Allowance Game is a great way to introduce your kids to the idea of saving money. The goal of the game is to hang on to $20, teaching younger kids the value in not spending all their money in one place.


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