Dieting can be not only tough on your will power, but also tough on your wallet. While a cheeseburger can be only 99 cents, a salad is cost 5 to 8 dollars or more in some places. Here's a few foods you can eat on your diet that won't shrink your pocket book along with your waste.

1. Beans

Black beans, Pinto beans, Garbanzo beans... there are all kinds of beans that are a great source of the protein needed to fuel your exercises. You can buy them by the can and get multiple servings out of each for only a couple bucks. Plus there are numerous ways to cook beans so that you're not always eating the same meal.

2. Tuna

Tuna is another food that filled with protein and iron. You can buy by the can or the packs and make everything from salads to sandwiches super cheap.

3. Yogurt

Need a little sweetness in your diet, but don't want to give in to ice cream or candy bars. Yogurt is a good substitute for your sugar cravings as long as you check the labels closely for which types carry the least amount of sugar... greek yogurt is usually a good option. Containing protein and calcium, most individual serving containers are around $1.

4. Carrots

With loads of vitamin A, carrots are great for dipping into peanut butter, hummus or nut butters for a quick cheap easy snack. 

5. Quinoa

An excellent pasta replacement for our carb cutters out there, quinoa is affordable and can be used in a variety of ways. A 12 oz box is around $5 and will supply numerous servings for mixing with herbs, adding to salads or serving in place of rice for stir fry and other dishes.

6. Grapes

High in antioxidants, grapes are an affordable addition to a salad or can be a great tasty summer snack. 

7. Edamame

Instead of chips or crackers, try edamame as an easy bite-sized snack. With lots of fiber and protein, they are a much better option and only cost about $1 to $3 for a frozen package depending on the size. 

8. Eggs

You can scramble them, boil them, put them in a salad or add them to other foods. Eggs are a very versatile source of protein and only cost $3 to $4 for a carton.

9. Apples

"An apple a day will keep the doctor away" is common saying because it's true. Studies have shown not only is this fruit high in vitamins and protein, but it's linked to a decreased risk of cancer and diabetes. 

10. Water

Integral to any diet, water is probably the cheapest thing on this list. You can get it free from the tap if you don't mind tap water or you can buy a large pack of bottled water from $3 to $5 that will last a week or more. Buy it by the gallon and it's even cheaper.

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