We're right in the middle of tax season and everyone's busy gathering info, filing their taxes and sorting their bills for the year. It's the perfect time for scammers to take advantage of busy schedules and frantic planning as people scurry to meet deadlines. The IRS has warned that scammers are making aggressive and threatening calls claiming to be IRS agents and have begun compiling their annual "Dirty Dozen" list of tax scams to be wary of. Here's a few things from their...

Falsely Inflating Refund Claims

The IRS warns taxpayers to be aware of fake tax return agencies that will inflate the refund amount they can provide to a client. This scam remains on the IRS's list every year. To prevent falling victim to this scam, be sure to choose a tax preparation company that is reputable and that you trust or have used in the past.

Fake Charities

Some groups will pretend to be a fake charitable organization to attract donations from people. When you donate money to a charity, it's best practice to seek out one that is important to you directly and not to respond to a phone call requesting money.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is another recurring item on the IRS's list each year. Identity theft can be avoided by being diligent about who you give your account information to and how you dispose of items such as statements, bills and receipts. Be sure to shred anything with account data on it and sign up for E-Statements so that your bank information is not sent through the mail.

To see the IRS's "Dirty Dozen" tax warnings list, you can click here.

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