Last week, Scott Hudson, Marketing Director of Beacon Credit Union was given the Dale H. Harris Hall of Fame award for his years of service and dedication to CASA of Central Virginia. Through Scott’s involvement with CASA, Beacon has sponsored numerous events, including the annual Ladies Night Out and our very own Beacon Golf Classic and donated time and money to CASA’s efforts.

CASA trains volunteers to work with children from abused and neglected circumstances, so that when they have to go to court, their side of the story can be heard and interpreted. With a CASA representative there to communicate their needs and issues, these children can be given a more promising future. 

Beacon looks forward to working with CASA for many more wonderful events and fundraisers. For more information about CASA, click here

Don't forget the Beacon Golf Classic benefiting CASA is happening on August 26th. Be sure to enter your team before it's too late.

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Protecting our members is our number one priority and we want your vacations to be experiences that you will remember forever. Be sure to add us to your travel checklist!

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