Scammers are getting trickier and tricker every day. A new phone scam that's been reported to the US Marshals Service in the Bedford County and Lynchburg area involves scammers impersonating one of their deputies to attempt to get your information.These scammers typically use the name Deputy Frank Alvarez and according to the Marshal Service tell the victim they have missed jury duty and are subject to fines and could be arrested. The caller then gives the victim a 540 area code phone number to call them back.

1. Don't Procrastinate

Last minute applications are usually full of errors. Start preparing a few weeks in advance so you have plenty of time to write, edit and share with others before you send it in.

2. Print Multiple Apps & Practice

Scratch throughs and white out corrections look really bad on a Scholarship application. Be sure to write clearly and legibly and if you make a mistake, start a new app. If you're able, typing your application looks really nice.

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