CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) is one of the many charity organizations Beacon supports. Here’s a little information on CASA and what they do in your community.

CASA was established in 1977 by David Soukup in Seattle Washington. By recruiting volunteers this organization trains individuals to work with children in your community who have been raised in a negligent or abused environment and help them through the judicial process of finding a permanent home.

Dieting can be not only tough on your will power, but also tough on your wallet. While a cheeseburger can be only 99 cents, a salad is cost 5 to 8 dollars or more in some places. Here's a few foods you can eat on your diet that won't shrink your pocket book along with your waste.

1. What need is my product filling?

If your product or business does not have a clear purpose, you might want to take a step back and really analyze what you're getting yourself into. 

We're right in the middle of tax season and everyone's busy gathering info, filing their taxes and sorting their bills for the year. It's the perfect time for scammers to take advantage of busy schedules and frantic planning as people scurry to meet deadlines. The IRS has warned that scammers are making aggressive and threatening calls claiming to be IRS agents and have begun compiling their annual "Dirty Dozen" list of tax scams to be wary of. Here's a few things from their...

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