Every home loan process is a little different, but here's 10 steps that are standard in the process of buying a home. Feel free to call our Mortgage experts with additional questions at 434.237.1566.

Whether you're training for a marathon or setting a budget, goals can difficult to keep with all of lifes distractions. Here's a few ways you can keep track with your goals...

1. Set small goals to lead up to your big goal.

If you're trying to lose 20 pounds of weight, break it down into weekly increments. This will help you not only keep track of your progress, but you'll get a little boost of encouragement everytime you reach one of your smaller goals.

With the 5th Annual Beacon Golf Classic taking place tomorrow at London Downs Golf Club, here's a little info our charity partner for this event, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg.

Boys and Girls club is a nation wide organization with individual clubs located in cities across the country. They help millions of kids and teens develop essential skills that will help them connect and thrive in their communities as they grow up. By offering caring mentors, enriching programs and activities, the Boys and Girls Club is able to give these kids the confidence and skills they need to be great!

The Boys and Girls club of Greater Lynchburg is currently celebrating nearly 12 years of opening the doors to great futures.

Do you love the Direwolves on Game of Thrones and really want a Husky or German Shepherd? Has the Chihuahua from Legally Blond got you absolutely needing to carry a pup in your handbag everywhere you go? Or have you been to a pet store or animal shelter and fallen in love with the adorable Lab/Beagle who keeps giving you those puppy dog eyes every time you visit?

Before you make the giant leap to pet owner, there are several costs you should consider first.

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