Last week, Shara Smals, our Buena Vista branch manager delivered a generous donation to Jessica Brotherson with the Southern Virginia University, that will go towards helping the Buena Vista City Public School Systems (BVCPS). Southern Virginia University is partnering with the BVCPS to help provide school supplies to local children who need additional assistance in purchasing what they will need for this school year. With the $500 donation from Beacon and donations from others, Southern Virginia University is planning to package needed school supplies and deliver them to the school system to hand out as needed.


In celebration of your community and in support for the Children's Miracle Network, Beacon has added a brand new event to our calendar for 2017.

On August 26th, we'll be presenting the 7th Annual Love of Children Ball, which honors Dr. Rachel Gagen. Proceeds from this event will help create a special pod within the Virginia Baptist NICU to treat babies who're born with substance dependencies. 

At Beacon Credit Union, we strive to make community an integral part of our philosophy. We support charitable organizations by offering funds, volunteers and time to their events and fundraisers. With that being said, how does Beacon choose the charities we support?

We can answer that with one word… children.

There’s a new pirates movie this weekend! Whether your Pirates of the Caribbean fan or not, here’s some fascinating facts about pirate money that we bet you didn't learn from Johnny Depp…

Pirates actually very rarely buried their treasure.

This myth was popularized by fictional tales such as Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and The Gold-Bug by Edgar Allan Poe, but in reality there are very few cases of pirates who buried their treasure. They preferred to spend or trade their loot rather than leave it on an island for someone else to steal.

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