1. Cancelling Credit Cards helps your credit score...

Depending on your credit history, cancelation could either help or hurt your credit score. There are many factors to review. The length of time you’ve had that card is an important factor. Accounts that you’ve maintained for longer amounts of time can help improve your credit history, while closing them may damage your credit score. Before you cancel your cards, be sure to weigh the value of your history with that card.

2. Applying for Credit Cards does major damage to your Credit Score…

Applying for a Credit Card does create a “hard inquiry”, but does not permanently damage your credit score. It may create a temporary dip, but new cards may help your debt to credit ratio and improve your score. With this in mind you should not apply for too many cards, especially if you have a limited credit history.

3. Using a Credit Card means you’re taking on debt…

This is not always true. If you pay your balances each month, you can gain rewards from using your credit cards without having to pay the interest rates. It all depends on how you use your credit card as to how much debt you take on.

Warning! Be wary of emails claiming to be from Netflix. While the email about the newest season of Stranger Things may be authentic, Roanoke police have warned that people are recieving emails that appear to be from Netflix claiming that their credit card info has been denied. The email requests that the person update their info through a link, which then can lead to a scam.

It's always a good idea, no matter what company it is, to go directly to a website by typing the address in the url bar to update any of your information. Even if an email contains a link that would make things much easier, scammers can be tricky and even the email address they use may look official.

For more information on website, email and account safety you can check out our security section of our website here.

The source of the material in this article is WSET.com
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