This is the 6th year for the annual 2nd Chance Prom benefiting Lynchburg's Project Lifesaver. The event takes place on April 11th, 2015 at Phase 2, but what is Project Lifesaver? 

Project Lifesafer was formed by the Lynchburg Sheriff's Office and uses modern technology to help locate victims of Alzheimers and other Related Mental Disfunctional Disorders (ARMD) who get lost due to their afflictions.

Vicitms include elderly with diseases such as Alzheimers and Dementia along with younger children with down syndrom and autism.By placing a transmitter on people with these disorders, Lynchburg Project Lifesaver dispatchers can locate inidividuals who have become lost due to their disorders within minutes.

So, be sure to get your tickets now for the 2nd Chance Prom and enjoy a night of dancing and fun, all the while benefiting a great cause.

1. Cancelling Credit Cards helps your credit score...

Depending on your credit history, cancelation could either help or hurt your credit score. There are many factors to review. The length of time you’ve had that card is an important factor. Accounts that you’ve maintained for longer amounts of time can help improve your credit history, while closing them may damage your credit score. Before you cancel your cards, be sure to weigh the value of your history with that card.

2. Applying for Credit Cards does major damage to your Credit Score…

Applying for a Credit Card does create a “hard inquiry”, but does not permanently damage your credit score. It may create a temporary dip, but new cards may help to your debt to credit ratio and improve your score. With this in mind you should not apply for too many cards, especially if you have a limited credit history.

3. Using a Credit Card means you’re taking on debt…

This is not always true. If you pay your balances each month, you can gain rewards from using your credit cards without having to pay the interest rates. It all depends on how you use your credit card as to how much debt you take on.

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While most countries have a set currency, some towns and cities have adapted their own individual currency to use for various reasons distinct to their own culture. Here are a few examples…

Ithaca, New York has “Ithaca Hours” which can be used in over 900 locations across the city.

Berkshire region Massachusetts uses “BerkShares” throughout the region. They can be exchanged in one of 5 regional banks.

Bristol, England has the Bristol Pound.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has Equality Dollars which citizens earn by volunteering at a few designated venues and can be spent at 150 local businesses throughout Philly.

Detroit, Michigan has $3 denominations called “Cheers”

Calgary, Alberta has multicolored Calgary Dollars.

Volos, Greece created the TEMs system to fight back against a growing unemployment rate. They exist only in digital form and represent a good or service an individual can exchanges versus cash.

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