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Scammers are finding new and inventive ways to try to capture your information. Here are a few tips to keep your information secure.

1. Be wary of look alike website, text messages and emails.

Someone attempting to gain secure information will use a variety of ways to pretend to be a reputable organization. They can duplicate a website, send an email that appears to be from an institution or even send out text messages warning of errors with your account. You should always follow up these types of contact by calling your financial institution directly. 

2. Keep your passwords secure and don't make them too easy.

Make sure you're changing your passwords often and be sure to make them difficult to predict. Never use birthdays, nicknames or pets names and try to vary up between characters, numbers and symbols.

3. Click carefully.

The web is becoming trickier and trickier. Things such as Google Ads, pop up links and Social Media Ads can be misleading. While you think you're checking out that really cool jacket that shows up in your news feed every day and keeps calling your name, it could be a false link to a scammer's website. It's always best to look up or google the website you wish to shop from directly and pay close attention to the URL bar before you click. Be sure to scroll past all the Google Ads in your search that are usually at the top. They can sometimes be paid for by scammers too. 

4. Verify a site's authenticity before you buy.

If it's a little known start-up business, sometimes it can be difficult to know if a site is secure or not, but that doesn't always mean it's a bad site... just a small business. Be sure to do your research before making any purchases. A simple google search can sometimes weed out sites that are known to scam people. Just google the name of the online store you're shopping at with the word "reviews". Scroll past that store's pages and check out an online review site such as Yelp. People are quick to report if they experience problems with certain businesses and if there are a lot of review with similar issues, you may want to be wary of ordering from that site.



Things change everyday... but not our Choice Plus Checking.

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All you need to earn interest is...

  • Monthly Direct Deposit to the Account
  • An Average Daily Balance (ADB) of $300
  • E-Statements
  • 15 Debit Card Transactions Per Month

Open your account today with a $100 minimum.

It's that simple.

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***5.05% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) paid on balances between $0.01 and $2,500 each month a member makes one direct deposit, maintains an average daily balance of $300, is registered for e-statements and conducts a minimum of 15 debit card transactions. For the standard APY, when the promotional criteria is not met and for rates that apply to tiers above the $2,500 maximum, reference here. Dividends begin the business day we receive credit for the deposit of non-cash items (for example, checks). Rates and terms for this account are effective May 7th, 2020 and subject to change. Dividends are compounded monthly. Beacon Credit Union checking accounts are subject to debit qualification.

Let us know...

Whether your leaving the state or leaving the country, be sure to contact Beacon with your travel plans. We monitor your accounts regularly for fraud and if we're not aware that you're traveling to a state or country where fraud is common, we could mistake your dinner at that 5 star restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia for an attempt by a criminal to steal your money.

Simply call us at 434.237.1566 or visit a branch before you go and set up a Travel Exception. Before you call or visit, be sure to have the following information available...

  • Date when you're leaving
  • Date when you'll return
  • All locations you'll be traveling to or through

You can also set up your travel exceptions in minutes using the Beacon Mobile App.

Protecting our members is our number one priority and we want your vacations to be experiences that you will remember forever. Be sure to add us to your travel checklist!

What have you asked Beacon for, that makes banking easier and more convenient? Saturday Hours!

We're excited to announce that Saturdays hours are now available for the following branch locations... 

  • 6320 Logans Lane, Lynchburg VA 24502
  • 155 Amelon Square, Madison Heights VA 24572
  • 630 Piney Forest Road, Danville VA 24540
Drive thru and lobbies will be open between 9am and 1pm for these branches and all of our branch services will be available. Deposit money, apply for a loan or simply request your account balance... whatever service you need, we'll have available.

We look forward to serving you 6 days a week!

For all of our branch locations and hours, click here.

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