Beacon Online Banking (B.O.B.) is a valuable tools for Beacon members. It makes managing your accounts easy, efficient and quick. Here's a list of all the great features you get from B.O.B...

  One card vs many…

Make your monthly bills easier and quicker with only one payment, one statement and one card to keep track of. Moving all your balances to just one card makes handling your monthly bills much easier and can even lower your monthly payments.

You can now monitor your credit and debit card transactions through text! Simply enroll your card at the Card Guardian website and you will receive a text message for every transaction you make. With this feature, you can…

  • Monitor all your transactions to prevent potential fraud.
  • Reply back to the text if you think a transaction was fraudulent and your card will be shut down automatically.
  • Reply STOP at any point that you want to no longer receive text alerts.

To sign up for Card Guardian, simply click here!

Leslie Mehaffey, Vice President of Compliance, shared the below memories with our employees today.

"Did you know that Beacon Credit Union became 77 years old last month?  Yes, on August 23, 1939.  When I came to work for Beacon (June 13, 1997), we just had one location-Fenwick Drive.  

We were in the basement of the Virginia Credit Union League—no drive-thru or ATM and were called Virginia League Central Credit Union (VLCCU).  Thursday & Friday afternoons our members would line up out the door to cash or deposit  their checks.  

When we first moved to Logans Lane, traffic would be backed up and we sometimes had to pull traffic control duties in the parking lot. Now look at us—over 70 some employees, six branches, a service center, a Corporate office and many departments to support staff."

Leslie Mehaffey has been with Beacon since June of 1997. With 23 years of prior banking experience, she uses her knowledge of compliance related issues to keep Beacon up to date on changes and new regulations. She is truly dedicated to our member's financial success. Leslie retires in November of this year. 

You can read more about Leslie and all of our VP's in on our Executive Management page.