Join the Children's Miracle Network and Beacon for the Miracle Ball Saturday on August 24th, 2019!

Come hang out at the Virginian Hotel in downtown Lynchburg for a night of fun, food and music, all while supporting your local community hospitals. There will be a delightful dinner, an open wine and craft beer bar, a live auction, music and dancing with the Steve Freeman Band.

Proceeds from this event remain local and will go towards renovations to the Pediatric Specialty Center at Virginia Baptist Hospital where specialist serve children. This center offers an expanded line of treatments, previously unavailable locally.

For more information and to purchase your tickets, click here.

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At Beacon Credit Union, we strive to make community an integral part of our philosophy. We support charitable organizations by offering funds, volunteers and time to their events and fundraisers. With that being said, how does Beacon choose the charities we support?

We can answer that with one word… children.

School starts back in only a few weeks. Are you ready yet? Here's a few tips to help you save money while gathering the items on your teachers list.

Stick to the list

You already need to buy a ton of stuff to get the year started off and will probably need other items throughout, so only buy what's needed to start with. 

Shop end of the season sales

A lot of clothes can be worn in the summer and fall, plus in winter with a sweater or jacket. Find items that you can layer and use throughout the year on the clearance racks.

Avoid fads and trendy supplies

The latest thing usually costs more and will probably go out of style quickly. Stick to basic items when it come to pencils, books and other typical supplies.

Plan to swap supplies

You buy the pencils, while your friend buys the markers and then divide the supplies. You can also swap items such as books and toys. Dividing the costs can be much more affordable.

Use coupons, rewards and apps to save some money

You can find coupons in your local paper, online and through a variety of apps. Research before you go shopping and you may be able to save a bundle.



Woman shopping on laptop

Scammers are finding new and inventive ways to try to capture your information. Here are a few tips to keep your information secure.

1. Be wary of look alike website, text messages and emails.

Someone attempting to gain secure information will use a variety of ways to pretend to be a reputable organization. They can duplicate a website, send an email that appears to be from an institution or even send out text messages warning of errors with your account. You should always follow up these types of contact by calling your financial institution directly. 

2. Keep your passwords secure and don't make them too easy.

Make sure you're changing your passwords often and be sure to make them difficult to predict. Never use birthdays, nicknames or pets names and try to vary up between characters, numbers and symbols.

3. Click carefully.

The web is becoming trickier and trickier. Things such as Google Ads, pop up links and Social Media Ads can be misleading. While you think you're checking out that really cool jacket that shows up in your news feed every day and keeps calling your name, it could be a false link to a scammer's website. It's always best to look up or google the website you wish to shop from directly and pay close attention to the URL bar before you click. Be sure to scroll past all the Google Ads in your search that are usually at the top. They can sometimes be paid for by scammers too. 

4. Verify a site's authenticity before you buy.

If it's a little known start-up business, sometimes it can be difficult to know if a site is secure or not, but that doesn't always mean it's a bad site... just a small business. Be sure to do your research before making any purchases. A simple google search can sometimes weed out sites that are known to scam people. Just google the name of the online store you're shopping at with the word "reviews". Scroll past that store's pages and check out an online review site such as Yelp. People are quick to report if they experience problems with certain businesses and if there are a lot of review with similar issues, you may want to be wary of ordering from that site.



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