In the hot seat with those high interest credit cards? Beat the heat and cool down with this limited time offer. Take advantage of balance transfer rates starting at 0% APR* for 15 months and you'll pay down that balance in no time. 

Enjoy multiple benefits with your Beacon Credit Union Visa Card, including:

  • No Annual Fee.
  • Low interest rates.
  • Earn cash back on Visa Reward's card.**
  • Manage your account with Online Banking or the Beacon Mobile App.
  • Protection against credit card fraud.
  • Opportunity to build credit.

Opening your card is quick and easy online or you can visit a Beacon branch.

Apply Online

*Introductory APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 0% is for a period of (15) billing cycles. After that your APR will revert to the prevailing rate of the approved VISA card. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. This offer applies to the transfer of a non-Beacon credit card balance to a new or already existing Beacon credit card. There is a balance transfer fee of 3% of the amount of each balance transfer associated with this promotion. Transfers must be in amounts not less than $2,500. Offer subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions apply. Vistit for more details. Beacon reserves the right to end this offer at any time.

**Certain restrictions, limitations and exclusions apply. Please call your local branch for more information.

Meet Pirate Bob...

Bob enjoys long walks on the beach, loves parrots, and appreciates helping members navigate their treasure on Beacon's Online Banking (BOB).

Beacon Credit Union, alongside Central VA Business Coalition, have partnered up to share Pirate Bob's Quest!


Scavenger hunt. Fill your passport and gain entry to the Pirate Bob's Quest Celebration. Multiple prizes can be won at the celebration, including a grand prize vacation for four to Pigeon Forge.* 


Pick up your passport from a Beacon Credit Union branch or any participating location. Find Pirate Bob's hidden treasure chest at each location, collect the sticker, and add it to your passport. A filled passport gains you entry to the Pirate Bob's Quest Celebration. 


The community young and old may participate. 


August 1st through the 29th - collect treasure stickers from participating locations. 
August 29 - Pirate Bob's Quest Celebration at HillCats Stadium.


Participating businesses:

Beacon Credit Union**
Paisley Gifts
Persian Rug & More
Given's Books & Little Dickens
Soundz Hearing
Lynchburg HillCats
Western Ways
Curtains, Blinds & Bath
Impact Living Services
One Forest School (Virtual & in-person)
Great American Sleep Shop
Lynchburg Chiropractic Center
Maggie Takes Pix (Virtual Only)
Visiting Angels (Virtual Only)
Nanny's Prims & Decor
Forest Farmers Market (Virtual & in-person)
Simply Vanilla Gourmet Cheesecakes
Virginia Vein and Wellness (Virtual Only)
Mary Kay - Amy Richmond (Virtual Only)
I Scream, You Scream
Alpaca by Jaca (Virtual Only)
HIlton Garden Inn
Bower Center for the Arts
Rapid Printing
Easley Hedrick Insurance (Virtual Only)
Mama's Southern Toddies
Mission House Coffee (Both downtown and in River Ridge Mall)
Bedford Welcome Center
Forest Flowers & Gifts
Gates Flag & Banner (Virtual Only)
Huddle House

*To qualify for the grand prize, the game player must have a completed passport. A completed passport includes a treasure sticker from each of the participating businesses.

**Only one treasure sticker required from Beacon Credit Union. Game player does not need to visit each branch location. Participating branches include: Logans Lane, Lynchburg / Langhorne Road, Lynchburg / Forest Road, Lynchburg / Forest Road, Bedford / Forest Avenue, Buena Vista / Amelon Square, Madison Heights / Piney Forest Road, Danville / Old Riverside Drive, Danville. 

Automobile... Home... Jewelry or Wedding Rings... everyone knows you can insure any of these items, but what about your mustache? Bet you didn't know you could insure that. Here are a few things, most people don't think about buying insurance for...

1. Kidnapping

Traveling abroad and worried for your safety. You can by a kidnap, ransom and extortion insurance policy to protect yourself from money you may lose due to being kidnapped.

2. Halloween Haunted House

If you're planning to create a fun house or haunted attraction, don't forget to buy insurance in case someone gets injured on your property.

3. Alien Abduction

Concerned about little green men coming to take you away? You can actually pay for an insurance policy to protect you from an alien abduction.

4. Mustache

I "must ache" you a question. Is your facial hair insured. If you value your stash and want to protect it, you can purchase an insurance policy to do just that.

5. Your Identity

Protect your identity with identity theft insurance. In a world where scam artists are everywhere, being protected from stolen funds can be helpful.

6. Wars and Terrorism

One insurance company, Lockton, offers protections from terrorism and political violence.

7. Your Voice

Do you make your living as a singer? You may want to consider purchasing voice insurance to protect your income in case you lose your voice, injure to your vocal cords or other medical issues that would effect your singing performance.

8. Your Possessions

Your computer, photography equipment, home theater systems and car stereo systems are just a few items that you may own that you can by insurance for.

9. Yoga or Personal Training Injuries

Do you teach yoga or another type of exercise? Be sure to invest in liability insurance, just in case one of your students isn't quite as agile and they think they are and is injured during class.

10. Fantasy Football

Betting big on a fantasy sport and the star player on the team you're rooting for is injured during the game? Protect your entry fee and additional expenses with an insurance policy on the game.

Beacon Credit Union has opened it's doors in Bedford, Virginia!

Located in the old DMV building at 1629 Forest Road (across from Joe Beans), Beacon is open for all of your banking needs.

With the following options available, banking has never been easier in the Town of Bedford.

♦ Checking Accounts with perks, such as earn dividend*, free debit cards, mobile banking, free checks* and much more!

Credit Cards that earn you money with low rates and cash back options.

Savings Accounts for all your savings needs, including emergencies, college, retirement, Christmas and vacation.

Auto Loans with flexible terms, payments that fit your budget and an easy application process.

Business Lending built with the security and savings that only Beacon can offer.

Home Loans with knowledgeable and dedicated lenders, who walk you through the home Mortgage process.

Home Equity Loans that allow you the freedom to upgrade your home, remodel and much more!

Be sure to swing by. Even if you're not a member (yet), we'd love for you to meet the new staff and check out the new building!

*Select products offer these perks. Please click here to see all of our checking account details.

Online Banking