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Beacon Credit Union recommends good common practices for Internet users. Recommendations are not just for weekly, monthly, or yearly maintenance. Recommendations are for on-the-fly Internet use, which means follow these recommendations while you are on-line to the Internet.

General Rules

  • Buy, install, and run known reliable Internet Security software. Beacon Credit Union can recommend software upon request.
  • Forget the free stuff. Remember, anything free is free for a reason, and this includes Internet Security software. Avoid subscription to any free Internet Security solutions.

Specific Rules

  • Turn on Pop-up blockers (this can often be tailored by site)
  • Turn on Anti-Phishing
  • Turn on Anti-Fraud software
  • Frequently clear Tool-Bar history, no matter whose Internet tool-bar you use
  • Run security updates as you receive them
  • During each on-line session, frequently delete Cookies
  • During each on-line session, frequently delete Temporary History
  • During each on-line session, frequently delete Temporary Files
  • Run Defrags on your computer to maintain good overall computer performance
  • DO NOT allow any Internet page to save your login IDs (or passwords)
  • DO NOT allow any Internet page/service to keep you logged in longer than your current session
  • Make passwords lengthy and complex (alphanumeric, and mixed case)
  • Use A Firewall, or Firewall software
  • Take advantage of Multifactor Authentication
  • Internet users should also be aware active content. Parameters for this and others can be reviewed in the Internet Options of your browser.
  • Internet users should be cautious about what they download
  • Using an email filter, allow only users you permit to get through to your Inbox
  • Do not open email from a person you do not know
  • Be wary of emails with short titles like “Here is your report,” “Please verify your account information,” etc.
  • Do not share an email account with others

Running high-end Internet Security may cause your computer to run a little slower, but the safety factors are more valuable than the speed. You can verify the options of their Internet Security programs and tailor them to suit your wishes, but it is better to turn on all Internet Security features.

No security is perfect, but the less you leave behind for intruders to find and exploit, the less likely it is that you will be exposed to serious threats.

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