Q.  What is Enhanced Online Security?
A.  Enhanced Online Security is a security feature that adds an additional layer of protection to validate members when they log into our Online Banking service. This layer includes creating a unique User Name and a special Passcode, elimininating the need to enter your account number information.

Q. How does Enhanced Online Security work?
A. The Enhanced Online Security feature identifies you as the true owner of your account(s) in two ways:

1. Verifying your account identity by asking for your unique User Name information
2. Asking for your unique Passcode.

The security information (your user name and passcode) is used to store the identification information only.  No personal or private data is stored.

Q. Is Enhanced Online Security required for Online Banking, or is it optional?
A. Enhanced Online Security is required.

Q. How does this benefit me?
A. The Enhanced Online Security will prevent anyone but you from accessing your accounts through Online Banking without your User Name and Passcode.  The Online Banking system will not allow access without the unique User Name and Passcode and they will not know the answer to the Challenge Questions you have selected.

Q. Does Enhanced Online Security prevent Phishing?
A. No. Enhanced Online Security only increases the difficulty of anyone other than you from logging in to your Online Banking account.

Q. Is Enhanced Online Security fool-proof?
A. No. If someone has access to your User Name and Passcode or the answers to your Challenge Questions, they could log in to your account.

Q. In a nutshell, how do I use Enhanced Online Security?
A. You can use as many computers as you want. We strongly recommend that you only use the computers that you frequently use to access Online Banking.  Then, you only have to enter your User Name and Passcode to access Online Banking from those computers and you eliminate the chance of security risks on unfamiliar or public computers.

If you want to access Online Banking from a new computer location, you might be asked to answer Challenge Questions after you successfully enter your User Name and Passcode.

Never give anyone your Online Banking Passcode or answers to your Challenge Questions.

Q. What happens if someone compromises my Online Banking Passcode?  How will Enhanced Online Security prevent them from accessing my accounts with Online Banking?
A.  Because you are not using your account number to access online banking, it is much harder for someone to know your unique User Name and Passcode. They may have discovered your account number but they will not know your user name and passcode.  That is why it is vital to keep your user name and passcode unique and known only to you and Beacon Credit Union officials.

Getting Started

Q. How do I login with my computer?
A. It's very simple to login:

First, you will be asked your account number. If you haven't established a user name you will have to register with the "No User Name? Click Here" Link
You will then be asked to create a "User Name" and a "Passcode"! The Passcode is seperate from your account number is is used to protect your account number information.
Next, you "may" be asked challenge questions to further identify your account.  This is a revolving security measure and is used to further enhance account protection.

Q. Can I use more than one computer for online banking?
A. Yes. You can use as many computers as you want. However, to protect your security measures, don't have the computer remember User Names and Passcodes when logging in. We recommend you only use computers that you frequently use to access Online Banking.

If you are using a computer that is accessed by numerous users (i.e. at a library), we recommend that you do not save your account information on public computers as a safety measure.

Q. What does Enhanced Online Security actually do?
A. The process adds an additional layer of security to the Online Banking service. It allows the Online Banking system to help members protect their Online Banking access and the privacy or their account numbers.

Challenge Questions

Q. What are the Challenge Questions for?
A. The Challenge Questions are used for two purposes:

To challenge anyone that is trying to gain access to your account without the correct User Name and Passcode.
If you forget your Passcode, you can re-set yourself without having to call Beacon Credit Union by using the Challenge Questions.

Q. Can I change the Challenge Questions?
A. No.  There is not an option at this time to have members change their challenge questions on their own.

Q. Can I make up my own Challenge Questions?
A. No. You must select one question from each list provided.

Q. I tried to log on to Online Banking from my own computer, but I'm being asked to provide the answers to my Challenge Questions.  Why is this happening?
A. This might happen if you entered the wrong User Name and/or wrong Passcode or if you have accessed your account numerous times in a short period.  Before answering the Challenge Questions or entering your passcode, make sure you are accessing our Online Banking web site.  The easiest way to ensure this is by typing the address for Beacon's web site ( into your browser's address window, then click the Member Login link.  Then answer your Challenge Questions.

Remote access

Q. What if I try to access Online Banking from a computer and I have forgotten my User Name?
A. You will be asked to answer the Challenge Questions after successfully entering your Passcode.

Q. Can I register that computer so I don’t have to answer the Challenge Questions again from that computer?
A. No.  The Challenge Questions are designed to protect you against unauthorized access to your member account.  They are generated by the security system.

Q. Why not save my log-in information on every computer that I use?
A. We recommend you never save your log-in information on the computers that you frequently use to access Online Banking for increased security.  Should someone use those computers, they can access Online banking from any computer you have saved your log-in information on.

Multiple Users on the Same Computer and Multiple Browsers on the same Computer

Q. I have other people that access Beacon Credit Union Online Banking from a computer I use.  Is that okay?
A. Yes. Our security system only recognizes the unique user names and passcodes entered at log-in.  Multiple users with multiple unique User Names and Passcodes are treated individually from the same computer.

Q. I use Microsoft Explorer and Firefox on my desktop.  Can I use both to access Online Banking?
A. Yes.  If you use multiple browsers, you must login to Online Banking and enter your User Name and Passcode.

More about Cookies

Q. What exactly is “cookie”?
A. It is a message given to your Web browser by our Web server. Your browser stores the message in a text file. The message is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server.

Q. Do I have to re-enroll Enhanced Online Security when I delete cookies on my browser?
A. No. The system uses your unique log-in User Name and Passcode that has been stored in the Beacon Credit Union security system.

Q. Is there any personal information or text in the cookie?
A. No. It is encrypted, and no externally identifiable end user information is stored in it.

Q. If I am using a public computer, what happens with the cookie?
A. Unless you save your log-in information on the public computer, no cookie will be placed on the public computer.  We strongly recommend that you do not save personal information on public computers.

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