The first time you call the Beacon Automated Response Teller B.A.R.T. getting started is as easy as 1,2,3...

Just dial 1.800.868.6655 and...

Remember for each response you can either say the answer or use the numbers on your keypad to answer...

1st - B.A.R.T. will ask you for your Account Number.

2nd - B.A.R.T. will ask you for your Social Security Number or your Tax ID Number (Your first phone call is the only call where B.A.R.T. will request this information. Once you have established a PIN number, that will be your authentication number).

3rd - B.A.R.T. will ask you to create a 4-digit PIN number (Be sure to choose something that you will remember and do not share this PIN with anyone else).

And you're set up... the next time you log in you will only need your Account Number and PIN to access your Account Information.

Here are a few Response Keys to remember as you Navigate your way through B.A.R.T   

To Return to the Main Menu at any point... Say "Main Menu" OR Press 3*
To Speak to a Representative... Say "Agent", "Operator", "Customer Service" or "Customer Service Representative OR Press 0 

When you are in your Beacon Accounts you can...

To Return to a Previous Menu... Say "Go back" or "Back"  OR Press * 
To Repeat Account Information...  Say "Repeat" or "Repeat That" OR Press # 
To Skip to the Next Item on your Account List... Say "Next" OR Press 1
To Hear the Previous Item on your Account List... Say "Previous" OR Press 2
To Return to the First Item in your Account list...  Say "First" OR Press 3 
To Go to the Last Item in your Account list... Say "Last" OR Press 4
To exit your account and end your phone call you may... Say "Goodbye" or "Hang up" OR Press 7*

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