By simply calling 1.800.868.6655 you can...

  • Check your Account Balance on your Savings Acct, Checking Acct or Loan Acct
  • Review Previous Transactions
  • Review Account History
  • Search for a Transaction
  • Check to see if checks have cleared
  • Transfer money between Beacon Accounts
  • Make Payments on your Beacon Accounts
  • Schedule a Payment on your Beacon Account for a future date
  • Schedule a Monthly Transfer from one Account to another
  • Make a Share withdrawal and have a check sent to you
  • Stop Payment on a Check
  • Activate your Debit Card
  • Access Card Services for Debit/Credit and ATM Cards Lost or Stolen

And if you can't find what you're looking for with our Beacon Automated Response Teller, press 0 at any time or just say "customer service" "agent" "operator" or "customer service representative". Our Service Center Representatives will be happy to answer any questions that B.A.R.T. cannot during business hours. On the weekends, our extended Service Representative will be there to take your call.

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