You called... and we answered!

The brand-new Beacon Audio Response Teller (B.A.R.T.) is here!

• Quality Assurance
• Cutting Edge Technology
• Easy to Use Voice & Keypad Controls
• Quick and Efficient

With our ever-growing membership, we are excited to introduce you to B.A.R.T., the brand new state of the art phone system that will insure that you have immediate access to your accounts whenever and wherever you go. Simply call 1.800.868.6655 and B.A.R.T. will walk you through the easy process of checking your account balance, scheduling a transfer or even paying your loan payment.

Not only can you take care of your business quickly and easily, if you run into any problems, our representatives will be available to help you with just the press of a button. 

With B.A.R.T. you can access your Beacon Accounts 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week!

Key Features & Benefits

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