News reports have surfaced regarding a possible software security vulnerability referred to as the "Heartbleed" Bug or "Open SSL Technology" vulnerability.

Beacon Credit Union is aware of this issue and understands your concerns. Beacon Credit Union is unaffected by this vulnerability. Beacon routinely evaluates and maintains our systems to utilize the most modern technology available and address all security issues. Multiple security safeguards are always in place to protect Beacon information and financial assets.

As a consumer, you can protect yourself and your personal information by using unique ID's and passwords at various sites you may visit on the internet and not sharing this information with other individuals.

Here are some simple tips to use all the time

  • Change your passwords frequently
  • Use passwords containing at least 8 characters
  • Include letters AND numbers in your passwords
  • Don't allow easy access to your passwords
  • Never share passwords with others

Please visit the Beacon Credit Union website security section for more information on how Beacon protects you and how you can protect your personal information.

beacon events calendar imageEven though we're turning a 75 years old this year, we're not slowing down... We've got some AWESOME new events to add to your calendars this spring...

blue push pin On April 26th we’ll be rocking out at the City Stadium with the Lynchburg Music Festival.
blue push pin On May 18th we’ll be cycling through Lynchburg with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background in the Storming Thunder Ridge Bike race.

Adding these new events to the already busy lineup, we hope to make our 75th year one of the absolute best yet!

Be sure to check out our Community Idea Project page to learn more about all the fantastic events we sponsor.

car giveaway 75th year celebration beacon credit union lynchburg virginiaExciting things are happening this year, our 75th year as your credit union. You won’t believe what we’re giving away as our birthday present to you…

Starting June 1st, you can enter to win a BRAND NEW CAR valued at $30,000!

You will be able to enter at any of our Beacon branches or online. The promotion will end October 5th, 2014 and the car will be drawn on October 13, 2014.

We will have more details soon! Check back and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more details.

No purchase necessary to enter or win.  Rules are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Click here for the official rules and regulations.

caution security beacon credit union central virginia lynchburgWarning! There is a text scam going on that is targeting Beacon Credit Union members...

Please remember the following if you are contacted by someone that says they are a representative of any financial institution...

Beacon Credit Union will never contact you and request your account information. If you receive a phone call, text message or email from us, asking for account or social security information, this is more than likely a scam.

You should not respond to the message or give out any information.

If you do respond to such a request and provide any confidential account information, please contact us immediately at 1.800.868.6655. We will help you to take any additional action to protect your account.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at the above contact number.

scholarships awards central virginia lynchburg danville southwest madison heights big island schools seniors collegeWe’re giving away 4 Scholarships this year!

With the opening our Danville branch and expanding our membership into southwest Virginia and North Carolina, we have added an additional $2,000 award to the three that we have been giving away in the past.

Be sure to download your Scholarship packet and apply today…

The deadline is April 25th, 2014!

Click here for more details…

The awards will be given away at Beacon’s Annual Meeting on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014.

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beacon online security central virginia credit union lynchburg federal madison heights danville

Top Notch Security

 Learn about Scam Alerts, Internet Security and how we protect your accounts!

Visit our Security page and learn more.