Starting Monday, May 9th Beacon will be upgrading to the NEW Beacon BillPay service. There are a couple of important housekeeping items you need to be aware of as we convert to your new service.billpay beacon credit union banking for everyone






1. Sign up for E-Statements

The easiest way to reduce your financial carbon footprint is to sign up for e-statements. By saving paper, postage and delivery costs, you're helping the environment in multiple ways and making your monthly account tracking so much easier for yourself as well.

2. Apply Online

With our website, you can apply for auto loans, credit cards, mortgages and secured loans with the easy click of a button, saving paperwork and time.

3. Sign up for Online Banking

By using Online Banking to transfer money and pay your bills, you can save paper from your branch receipts, save gas from your drive to the branch and as an added bonus, save time!

4. Use Beacon BillPay

Starting May 9th, we're replacing our old BillPay with a brand new more efficient and secure way to schedule your bills monthly. With Beacon BillPay, you can avoid writing checks and mailing them each month and simply schedule all your bills through one place. Keep an eye on our news page for more information about Beacon BillPay.

5. Recycle your paperwork

Whenever you sign up for new accounts, there is generally paperwork that you save for a certain amount of time. Once that paperwork is no longer needed, be sure that you shred and recycle it rather than just tossing it in the garbage.

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Once you’ve activated your new EMV chip card, using it is super easy. You can still use the magnetic strip on the side for locations that have not yet converted their card readers to EMV chip technology.