Checking Made Simple... Just Swipe
and Go!

Pay for your daily purchases, right from your Beacon checking account. No more check writing, no need to carry large amounts of cash or run up your credit cards... Simply "swipe and go".

Record keeping is easy. Debit Card Purchases will appear on your monthly checking account statement and you can use Beacon Online Banking to monitor your purchases from your computer or cell phone. And, because it's a Visa - you won't be held liable for fraudulent charges.

Use It Instead Of A Check

Beacon Credit Union's debit card can be used at retail merchants displaying the VISA logo and at terminals located at gas stations, grocery stores or restaurants - wherever you see the VISA logo. There's no fee for this added convenience. If you would like additional cash back from your transaction, simply tell the sales clerk the amount you want (cash back amounts vary). They can add your requested amount to your total and provide the extra cash. This can save you an extra trip to an ATM or the credit union to make a withdrawal.

24 hour access to your accounts at ATM locations.

Click here to locate a Beacon Credit Union ATM or you can use your Debit Card at any ATM with the Visa logo.

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

Managing your money is easy when using your Beacon debit card. At most places, you simply hand the cashier your card and then sign the receipt, just as you would if you were paying with a credit card. In other places including most supermarkets and gas stations, you can choose to enter your PIN. Information on each debit card purchase will be listed on your monthly checking account statement and can be tracked with Beacon Online Banking.

Track all your transactions through text with Card Guardian

You can now monitor your credit and debit card transactions through text! Simply enroll your card at the Card Guardian website and you will receive a text message for every transaction you make. Click here to register your card today!

Lost or Stolen Card?

If your card becomes lost or stolen, protect your funds by calling:

24hour phone1.800.682.6075 within the United States or 206.352.3482 outside of the United States

24 hours a day/ 7 days a week... We protect your account and allow you to act swiftly.

For important contact information for your Debit Cards, please click here.

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