Our Merchant Bankcard Services are an inexpensive way to offer your customers the convenience of credit card purchases.

Credit Card Services that make Purchases Easy for your Customers

In nearly every sector of this modern business world, customers expect to be offered the option of using their credit card. At Beacon Credit Union we put the ability to process credit cards within the reach of all of our business members. Our comprehensive system allows you to accept all types of credit and debit cards at a low cost to you.

Discount rates for card acceptance at point of sale machines are very competitive and allow your business the convenience your customers demand. Point of sale equipment meets the latest standards in reliability, accuracy, and speed, and Bluepay card services provides training previous to installation at your business. On site service and 24 hour telephone troubleshooting are also available through Bluepay.

Bluepay point of sale services allow you to deal with Beacon Credit Union for all your merchant needs, with transaction funds from all accepted cards deposited directly to your Beacon Credit Union current account.

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