Picture of dice with the words Friday 13th.

Do you avoid leaving the house on Friday the 13th? Keep your stay at home lucky with these 13 home related superstitions from a variety of cultures.

1. Old Broom, Old Dirt... Leave It Behind

An old Feng Shui tradition says when you move, you should leave your old broom behind. By leaving your old broom and old dirt, you're ridding yourself of your past and starting fresh in your new home.

2. Paint it Blue

Ward off evil spirits with "haint blue". It's said that spirits or "haints" mistake the blue paint for water and won't cross over the surface into your house. You'll find many doorways and porches painted this light shade of blue in South Carolina, Georgia and throughout the south.

3. Acorn On Your Window Sill

According to Norse mythology, placing an acorn on your window sill protects your house from lightening.

4. Empty Hornets Nest

Hanging an empty hornets nest in your home can attract good luck... We'd like to stress the word "empty" in this idea.

5. Move in on Thursday

Looking for a good moving day. Avoid Friday, Saturday or rainy days (seems obvious). In India, Thursday is thought to actually be the luckiest day to move into a new home.

6. Good Luck Animals

Elephants are a sign of wisdom and good luck. Fish are seen to bring good fortune and prosperity. Tortoises symbolize positive energy and longevity. These are just a few critters that bring good luck to your home.

7. Hang a Horseshoe for Good Luck

Horseshoes can bring good luck, but be sure to hang them with the opening upwards. Otherwise your luck will pour out.

8. Don't Clean at Night

Don't sweep at night according to people in West Africa. You'll sweep away your good luck.

9. Scatter Coins Around the Living Room

To invite financial prosperity, people in the Philippines will scatter coins around the living room of a new home.

10. Don't Rock an Empty Chair

Want to invite an evil spirit into your home? Rock a chair without anyone sitting in it. The Irish believe this is an open invitation for a paranormal sleepover.

11. Wake Up on The Right Side of the Bed

Yes, there is a right side of the bed... according to an American proverb. You should always get out of the bed on the same side that you got into the bed on... if you want to have a good day.

 12. No Shoes On the Table

Other than the obvious germs that would come from placing your shoes on the table, in the US and the UK, this bad habit is considered bad luck and could even lead to death.

13. Beware of Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall... Whether you're breaking a mirror and gaining seven fun years of bad luck or summoning Bloody Mary on a spooky night, mirrors can be full of superstitious tales. Historically, people even covered their mirrors, when family members passed away, so that their souls didn't get trapped inside the reflective surfaces. 

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